Dress for Success!!

Our Professional Philosophy: As architects of their own lives, it is vital that our students understand how important image (physical appearance, attitudes and behavior) is on their overall success. Therefore, we invite our students to participate in a professional day entitled “Dress for Success” every Thursday. This is an initiative that Phillips’ students have participated in over the last several years, and they and our staff share that this program has made a great impact on their attitudes, behaviors and academic performance.
Do’s and Don’ts for Young Men
 Do’s: All students’ clothes must fit properly (not too baggy nor tight).
 Do’s: Suits, blazers, slacks, belt, tie (optional), button up shirt or polo shirt (tucked in), professional shoes, dark color socks
 Don’ts: Jeans, sneakers, hats, sweatpants, sweatshirts/hoods, jean jackets
Do’s and Don’ts for Young Ladies
 Do’s: All students’ clothes must fit properly (not to tight or short).
 Do’s: Skirts/dresses at knee length, blouse (nothing too revealing and cleavage must be covered), slacks with required belt if needed, blazers and/or cardigan sweaters, pantyhose or tights in neutral or dark colors, simple-closed toed shoes with no more than a one inch heel.
 Don’t: Jeans, sneakers, hats, head scarves, leggings, sweatpants, sweatshirts/hoods, jean jackets, short skirts or dresses, t-shirt dresses

Requirements for the end-of-the-year field trip: Students must dress up at least 10 times and may not earn any out-of-school and/or in-school suspensions. All qualifying participants will be dining at a fine restaurant in the Rocky Mount area.

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact the school counselor, Ms. Angela Jones, ajones@ecps.us and/or Principal, Ms. Jennifer O’Meara, jomeara@ecps.us at 252-446-2031.